Discover a Proven Control-Beating System That Will Have You Writing A-List Level Copy Within Hours!

Keep reading to discover... 

  • The exact STEP-BY-STEP system I’ve used to decimate existing controls and successfully launch products for big-name direct marketers like Soundview, Boardroom, Green Valley, Agora, and many others...  
  • Shortcuts and formulas that make it practically fool-proof to dramatically boost the selling power of your copy, whether you’re just starting out or already have several controls under your belt, and…  
  • Battle-hardened conversion secrets of a 20+ year veteran of the game that you can use to write bigger winners faster and more often...and master the secrets of what’s working NOW to maximize profits! 

 Kim Krause Schwalm, Top A-List Copywriter

Discover a Proven Control-Beating System That Will Have You Writing A-List Level Copy Within Hours!

Keep reading to discover... 

  • The exact STEP-BY-STEP system I’ve used to decimate existing controls and successfully launch products for big-name direct marketers like Soundview, Boardroom, Green Valley, Agora, and many others...  
  • Shortcuts and formulas that make it practically fool-proof to dramatically boost the selling power of your copy, whether you’re just starting out or already have several controls under your belt, and…  
  • Battle-hardened conversion secrets of a 20+ year veteran of the game that you can use to write bigger winners faster and more often...and master the secrets of what’s working NOW to maximize profits! 

 Kim Krause Schwalm, Top A-List Copywriter

Dear Copywriter, Marketer, or Business Owner,  

If you’re fed up with promotions that don’t deliver the profits and response you’re looking for…  

If you’re frustrated by how long it takes to pound out copy that ends up producing lackluster results or failing to beat the control…  

And if you don’t want to spend years struggling to grow your business or getting your freelance copywriting earnings to six figures or beyond…  

Then you’re going to LOVE the actionable, up-to-the-minute strategies and tried-and true control-beating copywriting system you’ll gain from my best-in-class COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program.

Put yourself on the fast track to writing A-list level copy!

Even though there’s more competition than ever, knowing how to write killer copy is STILL the #1 way to rack up high earnings as a freelancer…or grow your business to new heights. And while most copywriters, marketers, and business owners struggle to make their offers work in today’s fast-paced, overcrowded environment, a select few are growing faster than ever. In order to compete and succeed, you need to stand out among your competition. You need to deliver marketing messages that hook your customers and never let go. And you need a battle-tested, proven system that lets you uncover these uniquely powerful marketing messages—and use them to your maximum advantage. That’s why I decided to finally reveal exactly how I methodically and consistently decimate my clients’ existing controls…and create hot new controls for products they’ve launched. You’ll find all of my very best strategies and techniques in my new Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. This in-depth copywriting training program gives you the exact step-by-step system I’ve used to produce successful, long-running controls for the biggest players in the industry. They include Green Valley Natural Solutions, Soundview (and their supplement division, Advanced Bionutritionals), Bottom Line (formerly known as Boardroom), Agora, Healthy Directions, National Geographic, and other top direct response companies. It’s a system that’s taken me over 20 years to perfect... and can help YOU get on the fast track to writing A-list level copy, no matter what level you’re at now! 

Go from “feast or famine” to being in-demand and commanding higher fees in just months.

Chances are you missed the live Copy Intensive I held in 2019 in Washington, DC. It's where I revealed my own system for producing dozens of successful controls over the past few decades. It was a small, intimate group of marketers, copywriters, and business owners. They took what they learned and greatly accelerated their copywriting careers right away. For example... 

  • One attendee landed a $10,000 supplement promo deal within the first week following my live training event…  
  • Another copywriter landed a lucrative retainer with a dream health and supplement client that paid him tens of thousands of dollars…  
  • Another attendee quickly ramped up his freelance career during the next 8 months to become an in-demand financial copywriter and DOUBLED his rates…  
  • And yet another copywriter, who was already earning six figures, added another $135,000 to her income in just 6 months! 

I knew my system worked, but I never imagined how fast these copywriters could implement the strategies I revealed to them...and see such remarkable results. Luckily, I captured all of the training from my full-day Copy Intensive on high-quality video…so you can soak up all the game-changing insights and copywriting “gold” and apply them to your client work or business, too.  

Even better, I spilled ALL my secrets to writing million-dollar controls from start to finish!

Imagine what a difference this could make in your own copywriting career. You can feel confident taking on those heavy-weight clients—and know you have what it takes to create winning promos, or even beat their longest-running controls... You can take on more projects, turn in drafts your clients love much faster, and keep raising your rates as you get more controls under your belt… And you can finally break through the “feast or famine” cycle as you rake in big, fat royalty checks from those hot new controls you’re churning out each month. 

So who am I to make such bold promises to you? 

My name is Kim Krause Schwalm, and I have over 20 years of experience writing A-list level copy that gets killer results for my clients.  

I’ve also got strong marketing chops to boot. For more than six years, I worked at former direct marketing powerhouse Phillips Publishing.  

While I was there, I helped launch their highly-successful Healthy Directions supplement business (which soon became the name of the entire company). I grew it to more than $23 million in annual sales—or $38 million in today’s dollars—within the first 3 years. I eventually left the company because I knew I could earn far more than the $100,000+ salary they were paying me when I walked out the door. I also wanted to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being a freelancer—and achieve the kind of work-life balance that’s often unattainable when you slave away for someone else.  

Since making that life-changing decision, I've beaten controls written by some of the best copywriters in the business. They include legends like Parris Lampropoulos, the late Jim Rutz, and several others. I’ve also had the opportunity to work alongside Clayton Makepeace and other top writers.  

But as proud as I am about these accomplishments, what I'm most proud of is teaching what I know to the next generation of A-list copywriting superstars...and seeing their amazing results.  

That’s why during this in-depth Copy Intensive, I freely spilled my secrets to writing million-dollar controls from start to finish. For starters, I went deep into how I do research—and why 50% (or more) of the time I spend on a new promotion is spent in this phase.  

It’s essential you know how to do research right. It often leads you to the right “big idea” that hooks your reader in and primes them to buy.  

I also explained how to identify your product or service’s USP (unique selling proposition)…and how to use it in your copy to speak to your prospect’s desires. Plus I shared my most powerful secrets for writing headlines, leads, fascinations, offers, closes, emails, and upsells.  

You get my complete Copy Intensive presentation on video, along with the full 146-page detailed slide deck, in your Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. 

Here’s just a small glimpse of the copywriting “gold” you’ll discover…

  • How to know what you’re really selling. This 6-question process lets you determine the best positioning for your product. (Plus where to find answers to these questions!)  
  • The pre-writing ritual that catapults your chances of success. Do this right and 80% of the work is already done for you! (Most copywriters ignore this crucial first step…so by doing this you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.)  
  • Best way to structure your body copy. Keeps your prospect engaged and increases the chances he’ll buy. Plus 3 different ways to structure it depending on the type of product you’re selling.  
  • The ONE question you should NEVER bring up during customer interviews. Ask this instead to unlock their deepest pain points and desires (and secure AMAZING testimonials).  
  • When to use a unique mechanism for your product—and when NOT to. Contrary to popular belief, the timing must be right before you create one. Here’s how to read the “signs” from your market. 
  • The Volkswagen secret to using your USP to overcome your prospect’s objections. This legendary ad is a perfect example of how to do this effectively.  
  • How to always out-market your competition. Approach your research this way. Cuts your time in HALF and overturns common sales objections like magic! 
  • The truth about BIG IDEAS. Here’s my own “go-to” indicator for spotting the best ones. Makes it much easier to get rolling so you can write bigger winners in less time. 
  • Simple trick to practically having your copy write itself. You’d be surprised by how much control-beating “gold” you can get from speaking to this person before you write copy. Yet most copywriters ignore this hidden source of brilliance.  
  • Going up against an existing control? Here’s exactly what you must do to identify any weaknesses—and significantly boost your odds of beating it!  
  • The ONE headline change that let me topple an “unbeatable” Boardroom control. Here’s how to apply it to your headlines to get your next big control or see an instant boost in sales.
  • How to write copy 5 to 10 times faster than you do now. I’ve used these same strategies to write a long-form promo in under 24 hours! Here’s how to do the same.
  • Are you making these mistakes with your copy? Watch out for these 5 common copy mistakes. Here’s how to fix them so they boost your selling power instead.  
  • The right way and the wrong way to use story leads. Not just any story will work. Here’s how to weave the right story in a way that keeps your prospect reading and primes them to buy. 
  • Where to find the best credibility enhancers for your next promo. Most copywriters waste countless hours “Googling” the wrong thing. Search this instead! 
  • The secret copy technique that gets your copy read to the very end. This strategy used by top copywriters makes your copy like a dish of salted peanuts…and keeps your prospect salivating for more! 
  • How to set the “bait” for your prospect. These simple words and techniques help you write more powerful and compelling headlines. Plus 3 questions you MUST ask yourself before getting started.  
  • Easy way to paint the RIGHT word pictures that grab your prospect’s attention. I give you actual examples from winning promos where this underused tactic made conversions shoot skyward! 
  • Practically fail-proof way to create irresistible headlines. Simply make this one “tweak” to capture attention and draw readers in. 
  • The three essential jobs of your lead. If it doesn’t do all of these things well, you’ll lose your prospect early on!  
  • The top five opening sentences that get read. You’ll never have trouble getting started writing a promo once you have this essential list in your arsenal. 
  • What you must do before writing ANY fascination. Here’s how to “mine for gold” and identify the basis of a strong and intriguing bullet. (See how the attendees in the room did with this actual fascination-writing exercise, and try your hand with it, too!) 
  • Simple trick to writing fascinations that trigger insatiable curiosity. Use this technique effectively and you’ll keep your prospect glued to the screen, reading every word in your promo...and unable to resist clicking “buy now”. 
  • My secret close formula that makes it almost impossible for the prospect NOT to buy. Not only do I reveal it, I show you exactly how to apply this winning formula using real-life examples from my own controls. 
  • Surefire way to close a hesitant prospect. This “two-way” copy technique goes beyond ordinary future pacing…and leaves your prospect with no choice BUT to buy! 
  • The single most important element of a successful email. Many copywriters and marketers skimp on writing or testing this element…but it’s the biggest needle mover.  
  • How to make clients LOVE you (and boost your chances of success). Do these simple things and you’ll have your scheduled booked up for months in advance! 
  • And much more!  

These are the same strategies and techniques I’ve used to rack up dozens of controls…all while creating high-paying streams of royalty income for as long as 10 years or more from a single promotion. And you’ll get access to all of them in the Copy Intensive that’s included in my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. When you watch these videos of my Copy Intensive, you’ll see and experience the interaction I had with the copywriters and business owners in the room. What’s more, you’ll hear questions and valuable input from top A-listers Carline Anglade-Cole and “Big Jason” Henderson, both of whom attended my Copy Intensive. But that’s not all. I’ll also give you the full deck of 146 detailed slides I used in my Copy Intensive. While the video training shows these slides clearly, you’ll find it handy to have the slides, which are packed with promo examples, to refer back to again and again. Plus you’ll get the full control breakdown I did at the end of my Copy Intensive presentation so you can… 

See my own “Kim Krause Schwalm” process in action!

To show what’s working in today’s highly competitive supplement market, I did an in-depth breakdown of a joint supplement control. It’s a killer sales page promo that’s been running strong for nearly two years now. You’ll get to watch as I deconstruct a control for Green Valley Natural Solutions. From the email copy subject line, body copy, and every copy element within the full promo, I take the whole thing apart, dissect it, and explain why I did what I did with the copy. You get this complete control breakdown in my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover...  

  • The subtle persuasion tactic I used in the winning headline. It’s small, yet compelling tweaks like this that make all the difference when trying to beat the “unbeatable” controls.  
  • Little-known trick to keep your readers trapped in the “persuasion loop”. Once your readers fall out of this loop, the sale is lost. But with this tactic in your arsenal, they’ll be convinced to buy before they even get to the close! 
  • Want to use celebrities in your next promo? Easy and 100% free tactic to tap into their endorsement power...without paying a fortune or getting in legal trouble.  
  • The right way and the wrong way to use scientific studies in copy. Write the copy this way to avoid boring your prospect to death, while priming them to buy.  
  • How to make your product stand out in a crowded market. This unique approach makes shines a spotlight on your product and makes it the obvious choice over the competition. 
  • The winning secret to writing copy for multi-ingredient supplements. Structure your copy this way. Helps your reader glide through the ingredient copy, while building on each section to compel them to take action.  
  • Easy way to kill objections before they arise. Leaves no doubt in your reader’s mind that your product solves their deepest pains and fulfills their wants.  
  • And much more!  

You get this complete joint supplement promo breakdown—along with the PDFs of the actual sales page and email—in my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. They’re the next best thing to having actually been in the room! When you combine it with the in-depth Copy Intensive, it’ll help you gain new skills and expertise and put you on the fast track to writing bigger winners more often. But that’s not all. Take a look at everything else you get in this “A-list”-level copywriting training that can help accelerate your copywriting success, whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or just starting out… 

4 in-depth training modules that go DEEP into the elements of copy... 

A few years ago, I launched my first-ever copy mentoring program. As part of this program, I provided in-depth group training where we went deep into the essential elements of copy.

We did a deep dive into headlines…leads…fascinations…and offers and closes. And I’ve got audio recordings of this incredibly valuable 4+ hours of training. Plus I have the same detailed slides I created for this in-depth training.

You’ll get ALL of it in your Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. Here’s what you’ll discover in these in-depth training modules and detailed slides:  

Module #1—HEADLINES: The Art and Science of Writing Headlines That Demand Attention and Get Your Copy Read…including: 

  • Nine types of killer headlines, with actual promo examples of each one  
  • “Which headline won?” real-life tests (the winners may surprise you!)
  • Secrets to using a unique mechanism successfully in your headline
  • How to decide what type of headline works best for your product and market  
  • Eye-opening critiques on headlines to help make yours far stronger
  • And much more!  

Module #2—LEADS: Secrets to Writing Leads That Hook Prospects Early On and Prime Them to Buy…including: 

  •  The six most powerful types of leads (plus specific examples and an analysis of what makes them work)  
  • Five easy opening sentences that get your copy read (plus how I used one of these opening sentences to get a hot new control!) 
  • The three essential things your lead MUST do well. Hooks your prospects early and DOUBLES your chances of making a sale  
  • How to determine which type of lead is best for your product and market
  • And much more! 

Module #3—FASCINATIONS: The Truth About Fascinations: How to Simply and Easily Maximize Their Selling Power in Your Copy…including: 

  • 27 fascination formulas that will help your bullets write themselves (plus examples of each type) 
  • Why you should write lots of fascinations no matter what you’re selling 
  • 10 rules for writing fascinations that make your prospect insatiably curious 
  • How to adapt your best fascinations into headlines, email subject lines, sidebars, or even your main hook (plus examples) 
  • Fascination-writing exercises and critiques you can apply to your own bullets  
  • And much more! 

Module #4—OFFERS AND CLOSES: Powerful Offers and Closes That Make It Almost Impossible for Prospects NOT to Buy Your Product…including: 

  • The four primary types of offers (plus do’s and don’ts for each!)  
  • How to structure your offer and give it the best shot of handing you a control—while maximizing your royalties 
  • Top tips for a great guarantee including examples 
  • The most essential elements for a killer close—plus a deep analysis of the close section in one of my hottest current controls 
  • Examples and breakdowns of upsells, cross-sells, and down-sells used in highly successful funnel copy that’s working right now 
  • And much more!  

These in-depth training sessions allowed me to go deeper into each of these essential elements of a successful promotion than I was able to do in the Copy Intensive. Plus you get detailed slides for each presentation that you’ll refer to again and again. It’s all included in your Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. Imagine what a difference knowing these control-beating secrets can do for you... As soon you land your dream project, you’ll feel confident and unstoppable with a proven system in your back pocket. You’ll flow through the research phase... knowing exactly where to look to find the “big idea” and flush out your unique mechanism in order to beat the existing control... Even better, you’ll write faster, more persuasive and logical copy... because you’ll know the exact structure a winning promotion follows...from headline and lead to body copy and the close. But that’s STILL not everything you get in your Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. You also get full access to this exclusive training session I did for my copywriting mentees a few months before my live event… 

See me break down a successful anti-aging VSL control from beginning to end!

When I first began working with my copywriting mentees, I had recently written a promotion for a division of Agora for an anti-aging supplement. Because the research and writing process was still fresh in my mind, I did an in-depth training session on it.  

I called it “Evolution of a Control” and you’ll get the complete audio recording and detailed slides of my no-holds-barred 90-minute presentation. I’ll even include the email and VSL transcript PDF so you can refer to it. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover:

  • How to gain an unstoppable edge by getting what you need in your “start kit”—plus other essentials you should request that many copywriters don’t think to ask for!  
  • Why you should always go beyond what the client gives you. Here’s where else to look for the best studies and other proof elements to boost your copy’s power.  
  • How I analyzed the current control I was up against—and identified its strengths and weaknesses. (You can use this same process for every new promo you write!)  
  • The actual research article that sparked my “big idea”—and handed me a hot new control. (I take you from initial “spark” to finding the right story to use in my lead).  
  • The exact emails I used with my client to move the approval process along quickly and sell them on my desired copy platform. (Many less experienced copywriters flub these communications up!)  
  • Why I structured the promo the way I did—plus the thinking that went into the order of ingredients presented.  
  • Where I first introduced the product in the VSL—and what you should always take into consideration when deciding when to introduce yours in any long-form promotion.  
  • The specific ingredient naming strategy I used to set the product apart from the competition. (You can make even the most common and boring ingredients sound new and unique when you do this!)  
  • The simple close trick that makes your prospect act NOW (no, it’s NOT a deadline!)  
  • How to “throw down the gauntlet” in your close copy. This strategy takes “future pacing” to an even more effective level. Plus the actual copy in my promo that did this.  
  • And much more! 

This 90-minute training session gives you a rare inside glimpse into how an A-list copywriter approaches a new project…does the research…comes up with the big idea…and then makes all the strategic decisions necessary to craft a successful control. It’s the next best thing to looking over my shoulder as I write it! But that’s STILL not everything you get in your Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program. You’ll also get an audio recording of an exclusive interview I did with the legendary Lee Euler for my mentees… 

Reclusive copywriting legend and successful entrepreneur reveals his hard-won secrets—plus advice every copywriter should hear.

Lee Euler is the founder of the premier, fast-growing supplement company Green Valley Natural Solutions. Plus he runs a publishing business called “Cancer Defeated”. Lee is also a fantastic copywriter in his own right and spent years freelancing before starting his own information publishing business and then launching his supplement company. In fact, you’re likely familiar with some of Lee’s legendary controls, including his incredibly successful Agora financial promo “Plague of the Black Debt”. I sat down with Lee in an hour-long group mentoring call, and he generously provided many insights on copywriting as well as valuable tips for up-and-coming copywriters. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this frank, revealing interview: 

  • How to beat other copywriters more often. This strategy is exactly how Lee came up with the big idea for his unbeatable “Plague of the Black Debt” blockbuster control.  
  • Two elements you should ALWAYS include at the beginning of your promo…plus a third essential element that can throw its persuasion power over the top!  
  • The first thing Lee does as soon as his research phase is over. (It almost always helps you spot the most effective hook for your promo!)  
  • Where to find great ideas for your copy or promo. Even the top A-listers get “stuck” sometimes and do this. 
  • How the market sophistication for supplement copy has changed. What you must do now to ensure you’re taking the right copy approach.  
  • The Agora “success secret”. They do this one thing every time they get a winner—and you can do it, too, for your business, no matter how small.  
  • Do this one thing and increase your customer lifetime value. Here’s what Lee’s company does with their first-time buyers…and how it can boost your bottom line.  
  • Best way for a copywriter to get their “foot in the door” with a top supplement company. Lee doesn’t hold back on exactly what you should do—and NOT do!  
  • The REAL reason copy fails. The most frequent mistake copywriters make that can spell death for your promo.  
  • Lee’s recommended daily habit for working copywriters today. You may be surprised to hear what it is…and it’s actually something you might have fun doing!  
  • The single most annoying thing copywriters do that drives Lee crazy. (It could be driving your clients nuts, too—and making them less likely to hire you again!)  
  • How Lee deals with writer’s block. Use this recommended tactic and you’ll get that copy written, no matter how “blocked” you’re feeling.  
  • And much more!

I’ve known Lee for several years and count him as a friend and client (I’ve also written several successful sales pages and VSLs for him). So he was willing to do me this huge favor and sit down for this insight-packed, eye-opening interview with me. Until now, only my small group of copywriting mentees have been able to benefit from Lee’s valuable insights. They’re extremely lucky, since you’d be hard-pressed to find an interview with Lee anywhere else. He rarely does interviews or presentations outside of exclusive masterminds. But now I’m able to share this complete, unedited interview with you, with Lee’s blessing. You’ll get the full hour-long recording included in your Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program.

With over 11 hours of in-depth training, you can see what an incredible game-changer this complete A-to-Z copywriting program can be for your business or copywriting career. Let’s take a look at everything you get: 

  •  Videos of my COPYWRITING VELOCITY Copy Intensive training 
  •  The complete 146-page detailed slide deck from my Copy Intensive 
  •  Joint supplement sales page breakdown plus promo/email PDFs 
  •  Headlines training module including slides 
  •  Leads training module including slides 
  •  Fascinations training module including slides 
  •  Offers and Closes training module including slides 
  •  “Evolution of a Control” promo breakdown plus slides and sales page/email PDFs 
  •  Exclusive recording of the interview I did with Lee Euler  

While others spent upwards of $3,000 or more to attend my live Copywriting Velocity event (factoring in the event fee itself, travel expenses, and hotel costs), you can get the same Copy Intensive training and in-depth control breakdown…

…PLUS the 5 in-depth training modules AND the interview with Lee Euler I did with my Copy Mentees who paid $12,000 or more for my 6-month program…

…and all the slides and promo PDFs I’m throwing in…for a mere fraction of what others paid.

The total value is worth at least $15,000—and that’s not even counting the cost of missed time from work or with your family if you had traveled to Washington, DC for my event.

But I decided I wanted to get this invaluable training into as many people's hands as possible. So I originally made my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program available for just $697.

That’s a little more than you'd spend for just one hour of my coaching time…yet you get my complete system for writing copy…PLUS more than 11 hours of in-depth training, formulas, and tactics you can go back and review again and again!

But now that I'm planning to retire this program in the coming months and replace it with an even better, updated program with more promo examples plus checklists and other tools, I'm now making my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program available at the special closeout price of just $299.

That's right, for the no-brainer price of just $299, you can get full access to all of this A-list-level copywriting training that's helped so many of my copywriting students and mentees dramatically ratchet up their results.

This one-of-a-kind program is ideal for everyone from a complete beginner to advanced-level copywriter or marketer. It will flood your brain with so many profitable strategies and ideas, you can quickly accelerate your copywriting prowess several times over.

Imagine writing faster, more persuasive copy... and filling your calendar with hot new clients... Delivering A-list level copy to these clients... and actually getting record-braking response from their target audience...

And receiving an email with the subject-line “CONGRATS!” because you just toppled their longest-running and most “unbeatable” control...

This is what’s possible when you have a proven, control-beating copy system to help you write A-list level copy from start and finish, and ramp up your career fast. I still remember the joy I felt when I got my first control...and that joy never seems to fade...

Which is why I want to help dedicated copywriters find this same joy in their careers... and reach new heights both financially and on a personal level. It’s why I designed my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program to help you… 

Enjoy an "unfair” advantage thanks to the control-beating superpowers you’re about to gain

This is a rare opportunity to get the benefit of everything I’ve learned over the past few decades years as a top copywriter. In just hours you can master the secrets of writing A-list level copy I so freely and generously share in my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program.

I know it can help you develop control-beating superpowers that will position you to work with top clients and start raking in royalties. And it’s the best way I know to gain an “unfair” advantage over other copywriters and businesses thanks to your greatly enhanced copywriting know-how.

(If I'd had an opportunity like this a few decades ago when I was starting out as a freelance copywriter, I would have given my eye-teeth for it, whatever those are!)

And at these special closeout savings that allow you get full access to this training for just $299... PLUS enjoy exclusive savings as a current Copywriting Velocity student when my new, updated replacement program comes out later this year... it really is a no-brainer to grab it now.

You'll get immediate access to all of the videos, audio recordings, slide decks, promo PDFs, and much more via the Podia course portal as soon as you sign up. Because everything is delivered digitally, there are no refunds.

Don't miss this chance to get on the fast track to writing A-list level copy, speed up and expand your copywriting success, and take every direct promotion you work on to new levels of profits. I hope you won't pass it up!

Yours for smarter marketing,


P.S. Testimonials for the crazy amount of world-class, A-list copywriting training packed into my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program continue to pour in since I first launched it in 2019. Here's just a brief sampling...

...April says, "I just finished the 4 videos today and I love them. I was planning to make a super specific template so it would be easier for me to write copy as a beginner. And you just gave me everything. All I need to do is to copy and paste everything on a document. Super thank you!" 

...Vitaly says, "Your training is absolutely amazing!"

…Norman says, “I've been enjoying your Copywriting Velocity program. It's a wealth of knowledge and application, and so structured and easy to digest. I feel privileged to be able to learn from you...” 

...Kammy says, “SUCH GREAT INFO!! Especially the section on research…definitely the foundation for everything else. Discovered some new resources to track in that section of your program! So much good info I printed out all your slides and stuck in a binder to use while taking notes while watching the videos.”

...and Jordan, who says, "I bought your Copywriting Velocity program and I'm really getting a lot out of it. The tip you gave about [revealed in program] was worth the price of the program alone. Thanks again!" 

Don’t miss this chance to get YOUR copy of this in-depth program designed to put you on the fast track to writing A-list level copy. If you write copy for a living—or you oversee any kind of copy on a regular basis—I know you’ll find these game-changing insights highly profitable! 


[ ] YES! I want to accelerate my copywriting success and learn Kim's control-beating system and secrets to writing A-list level copy!  

Please give me full, unlimited access to Kim’s Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program for just $697 $299. I understand all of the training materials included will be delivered to me digitally via the Podia course portal and there are no refunds. 


Here’s just a sampling of some of the many rave reviews from live Copy Intensive attendees…

 Walked away with new copywriting “nuggets”! “Kim didn't hold back on her copywriting secrets in her presentation. She went through, step-by-step, how she approaches her work at a deep level. I mentored with her for 6 months and still walked away with new nuggets to implement right away. The critiques were very helpful to see. The hot seats were eye opening. And the information Kim shared was awesome and well organized.”  

—Roman Alvarado, Copywriter 

 Learned several months’ worth in just hours! “Thank you for organizing such an intimate, yet intensive workshop. What I learned in a matter of hours would have taken months, if not much longer to discover. I loved the Copy Intensive on the first day. The way you taught the concepts, and then demonstrated their use in your examples really helped connect the dots for me!” 

—Stacia Wood, Copywriter 

 A game-changing experience! “Kim Krause Schwalm's Copywriting Velocity was a game-changing experience... and I don't say that lightly. See, Copywriting Velocity wasn't your typical ‘event’ where you sit and listen to presentations all day. Instead, it was an intimate and up-close look of what it takes to write A-level copy. To say that Kim has a passion for teaching the next generation is an understatement. I’m honored to be an inaugural member of Copywriting Velocity... and I can say with confidence it won't be my last!” 

 —Josh Rhodes, Copywriter 

KIM KRAUSE SCHWALM was always a marketer who could write copy. She spent more than 13 years in the corporate world in various marketing positions—from Brand Manager to Publisher to launching and running the Healthy Directions supplement business and growing it to more than $23 million in sales within 3 years—before she started her freelance copywriting career in 1998.  

Now more than two decades later, Kim has built a reputation as one of the top A-level direct response copywriters in the country. She's racked up dozens of successful direct mail and online controls, beating legendary copywriters and becoming the first female copywriter to get Boardroom control. 

Kim writes winning copy and creates breakthrough marketing strategies for leading companies such as Soundview, Bottom Line, Agora, Green Valley Natural Solutions, and many others both in the United States and from England to Germany to Singapore. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from Miami University in Ohio, and earned her MBA in Marketing from Loyola University Maryland. Kim credits her creative and analytical mind and marketing know-how for giving her a must-needed edge in today’s increasingly competitive copywriting world—and wants to help others gain the same “marketing- savvy” advantage. She’s one of the few top-level copywriting veterans who’s still writing copy for clients…while being willing to share her success secrets to help up-and-coming copywriters go from “good” to “great”.  

What People Are Saying About Kim Krause Schwalm...

 One of the top copywriters on the planet! “Kim is one of the top copywriters on the planet, and I don’t think anyone in her world would disagree with that. She has beaten controls by the best-of-the-best—including guys like Jim Rutz which, if you know who he is, you know that’s no small feat. If you ever get the chance to learn from her or work with her, you’d be foolish to pass it up.” 

—Ben Settle, Email copywriting expert 

 One of the hottest copywriters alive! “Kim Krause Schwalm is one of the hottest copywriters alive. She has had many red-hot controls—both in the health and wealth fields—and her insights are money in the bank...”  

—Superstar copywriter Clayton Makepeace 

 She’s the real deal! “I get so sick of people on the internet pretending to be copywriting gurus without one iota of major-league experience. They drive me crazy. But Kim is someone who has worked at the highest levels of this business, competed against the very best copywriters in the world, and proved herself to be a winner again and again. Kim’s event was fantastic!”  

—Richard Armstrong, A-List Copywriter and Author 

 My highest recommendation! “I've been writing copy for my own businesses and for a handful of clients for almost a quarter of a century. And I've learned a thing or two about what it takes to be a top copywriter. And ‘what it takes’ is something that very, VERY few people have. That's why you can count the A-listers on just two hands. Kim Krause Schwalm is one of those very, VERY few people. If you're lucky enough to get her attention...get her interested in your project... and IF you can get on her would be insane to not hire her. She has my highest recommendation.”  

 —Doberman Dan, Copywriter, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur

 Beats controls left and right! “There are a handful of copywriters who have been consistent, reliable and incredibly versatile during my 35+ year career in direct response marketing...and Kim Krause Schwalm is in that elite group. Kim continues to beat controls left and right for a wide variety of marketers, online and offline...Kim always writes copy that grabs the audience's attention; and because of her extensive background in marketing and not just copywriting, she understands all of the nuances of direct response. And she is a delight to work with. Every copywriter should follow Kim's lead in paying as much attention to every aspect of a project...front end, back end, and everything in-between. And if that was the case, we'd have many more world class copywriters.”  

—Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing LLC 

 An absolutely top-level writer! "Kim works with the best clients out there (I know, because some of them are my clients as well!) She is one of the very few writers I recommend when someone is looking for--and can afford--an absolutely top-level writer."  

—David Deutsch, Top A-Level Copywriter 

“Big Jason” Henderson, Top Email Copywriting Expert

Stacia Wood, Copywriter 

Saul Varan, Copywriter 

Jerrod Harlan, Copywriter 

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